The 12 Habits

These are the current 2013 habits I’m considering.

I’m pretty much starting fresh this year, with a new list. I prepared are my initial thoughts at my list of some habits I’d like to form, based on my current consciousness, and current (and persistent) frustrations. These are in no particular order. I’ll prioritize and select ones to activate later. I’m considering taking them on in groups of habits that are related and that support each other, and that if taken on at once may more fully formulate and strengthen the new behavior as a whole.


1. Eat more consciously. Eat whole foods, perhaps according to Dr. Aieta’s Plan that I had previous success with. (Daily)

2. Start, complete and continue on a daily work-out routine in order to improve my health, lower and mange my weight, blood sugar, ability to perform (Daily)

3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. (Daily)

4. Do 1 hour of yoga at least twice a week, in order to improve the health of my back, my posture, and reduce back pain.. (Weekly)

5. Take nutrition supplements everyday. (Daily)

6. Floss daily to maintain and improve my overall dental health. (Daily)

7. Chew my food at least 20-30 times before swallowing to improve health and digestion.

8. Cook on the weekend, making meals that I can have throughout the week.

9. Don’t eat after 8pm, unless it’s a protein rich snack before.


1. Pay attention more regularly to my finances, rather than my current inconsistency. Increase savings and investments. Reduce expenses. (Daily & Weekly)

2. File and or handle my paperwork consistently and more regularly.


1. Pause, take care when I respond to people. Consider counting to 3 (i.e. wait three seconds) before I respond to people.

2. Write thank you notes


1. Begin the day consciously, either in a practice of morning pages or quiet meditation, reflection.

2. End the day consciously, perhaps by writing down things I’m grateful for everyday, journaling my day, or other completion exercise.

3. Fill my creative spirit weekly, either by going on Artist’s Dates every week or similar experiences.

4. Get clear on my Life Goals and make appropriate and effective plans.

5. Create something everyday. Sketch in my sketchbook everyday. Paint on my Brushes app everyday. (Like David Hockney.)

6. Read everyday and finish a new book every month.

7. Handle things coming through me or my space to completion.

8. Complete or take action on a past incompletion everyday in order to become current.

9. Do game night, conversation night or other no media oriented activity every week.

10. Go to a movie in a theater 1-2 times a month.

11. Say no powerfully and without guilt.

12. Say yes powerfully


1. Tidy my space everyday before I go to bed.

2. File and or handle my paperwork consistently and regularly.

I’ll further develop these and and formulate them into a more coherent and prioritized list, with more detail and clarity to each habit. for example, this was a detailed habit from a previous year’s successful effort.

Habit 1 | Follow My New Eating Plan:

The Eating Plan I’m following is based on one prescribed by Dr. Frank Aieta, my naturopath. The principles of the eating plan (I hate calling them diets) is relatively easy to understand:

  1. Have protein at every meal. (Ideally half your plate should be protein. The other half should be low glycemic index veggies.)
  2. Don’t skip meals or go too long without eating.
  3. Have more calories early in the day and fewer later. Have 6 meals a day. (A large breakfast, mid-morning protein snack, medium sized lunch, mid afternoon protein snack, a small dinner, evening protein snack.)
  4. Avoid any sugar or carbs on your last snack before bed.
  5. Avoid all refined sugars and carbohydrates.
  6. Drink lots of water. He suggests consuming half your body weight in ounces.
  7. Add additional fiber to meals, like ground flax seed.
  8. Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
  9. Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  10. Consistent exercise.
  11. Avoid low-fat anything. Have full fat foods, like whole milk, full fat cheese etc. (Full fat foods will satiate you and you will eat less as a result.)

2 responses to “The 12 Habits

  1. Hey I like this list! I’ve just started a similar plan, same sort of guidelines, also not a “diet”. If you want to check out my VERY new blog (just started this week) you can see it at I’m going to post yours on my “Blogs I Read” page. 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m so glad you stopped by. And thank you so much for the mention in your blog. I’m going to keep stopping by and follow you progress. best of luck!

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