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Creating Physical Space – Part 2

I made amazing progress this weekend with, the den reorganization project, thanks to Roland Wise of Vestibule. We took Ikea shelves, added trim to them to make them “built-in”. They look great! This has been a project I’ve wanted to complete for 2 years now. Thanks to Roland it’s nearly complete. Just some wood putty, light sanding and another coat of finish paint to the trim – And it will be done – and, of course, the resettling and organizing too. Looking forward to getting my additional books out of storage and integrating them in to my collection – after the inevitable weed out. By the way, the addition of the Grundtal lights at the top really finish it off. Nice how they are controlled by the wall switch, so when I come in the room they provide the general light in the room.

We also, made progress with transforming one of my closets into an office alcove. We used Ikea Lack shelves to provide 3 sleek looking shelves for storage. Roland devised a way for them to be “strong like bull”, which the off the shelf Lack shelves do not seem to be in his experience. I still need to add a countertop on top of the file cabinet, now in the closet. And perhaps a cork board under the shelves. I’ll get an electrician to add a new electrical outlet at this wall, and I’ll be in business there with adequate out of view storage for my printer and scanner.

I’m realizing that this reorganizing effort is currently more in an intervention mode, rather than habit forming mode, which is necessary. Tonight I will do some resettling and look to create physical stations or places to capture the things that end up being lose ends, or forgotten. That’s where the habit forming will begin, and the opportunity to create a simple, easy and powerful system to finally be in better control of my financial matters.

In the meantime, tonight I start the resettle and create a bill paying zone, for unpaid bills to stay until they a dealt with – Ive tried this so many many times before I can’t even count. This time I’m looking to make it work and really follow through with a well thought out physical space combined with distinct space in time regularly, weekly, for me to deal with these matters. Up till now in my life, it has been catch as catch can for some reason. But I will conquer this this time, and move one.


2013… Time for Post Apocalyptic, Aquarian Age New Year’s Resolutions

For years and years now, ever since I was a child, I’ve always felt that New Year’s was a bit of scary holiday. You know, fear of the unknown and all. Usually upon the changing of each year, thoughts, feelings, sensations of fear would rise up in various ways and in varying degrees. Often accompanied by a fond review or pang for the delicious comfort of some wonderful experience or sense I had had that year – I suppose dwelling in the known past was comforting – these irrational fears have tended to possess me, in a visceral way, somehow at each change of year. Except for this one.

This year, mainly because of my overwhelming sense that 2012 was a very difficult year (correction, make it the last 3 years), I am very much looking forward to 2013 – and what it may bring. The difficulties I refer to are both personal in nature (which I won’t go into now, but some I’ve referred to previously) and also, more notably, societal – or, more specifically, apocalyptical.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of apocalypse fatigue lately. After successfully navigating the Mayan apocalypse, the Fiscal Cliff, Hurricane Sandy, the Nor-Easter of 2012 and the ensuing 8 day blackout, Hurricane Irene, the Debt Ceiling of 2011, and the multitude of lesser apocalypses promoted (both justifiably and unjustifiably) by our hyperactive media culture, I’ve just about had it. And I’m looking forward to a really clean slate of calm, yet exciting, possibility unencumbered by external fears or limits. Is this just natural annual New Year’s resolution energy I’m feeling? Is it the the relief of having made it entirely and wholly in one piece through the latest and hopefully last apocalypse? Could it be the ushering and renewing energy of the post apocalyptic Age of Aquarius rising? Or is it that 2013 ends in 13, the traditional number of change. Who knows? But I do have a real visceral sense of and desire for new beginnings at this particular change of years, as never before.

And so, with this rising sense of wanting a brand new beginning, and having already learned in my life that no meaningful change can really happen without some sort of structure or framework for it to happen in, I remembered ThisBlogIsHabitForming. I started it three years ago in the change over from 2009 to 2010. It brought me great success and focus early on, while I was able to manage it. And some additional personal challenges, that I hadn’t planned on, crept into my life. My ability to manage, both the blog and as well as the changes I wanted, dwindled and eventually the blog went mute. Life happened.

Now with a 2 year clean slate of inactivity here (not counting a few false re-starts along the way) I’m ready to take a whack at it again, and see what happens. Don’t they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”?

Happy New Year. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned. More to come.

Anyone else share any of these feelings?

Great Music to Cook By

This year  I’m trying to cook more for myself, for reasons of health, wealth, and enjoyment. A key to enjoying the experience of cooking at home is having the right music in the background to cook by. Today I dug up a CD I’ve had lying around a few years and had forgotten about: Cafe Paradiso by Steve Erquiaga. It’s a perfect CD to cook by. Instrumental guitar. Classical with a latin, flamenco feel. Played at just the right volume, I feel like I’m the star of my own cooking show. Together we made a delightful omelet with sautéed onions (with a dash of sherry vinegar), peppers and feta. So consider letting your music be your partner while cooking.

Cross posted at my other blog, “The Daily Muse”

Update: Here’s a link to a track from the CD.

OK… 2010 Was a Big Bust. Here’s The Reason Why.

My ambitious project of habit-forming fell flat on its face within in the first few months this year. Looking back now at my posts, I realize I didn’t share anything at all about what was really happening in my life at that time. Nor did I share the ultimate reason I ended up going bust, mainly because none of it was really clear until now – in my 2010 hindsight.

My attention and focus became immensely distracted this year. Yes. But what really happened was that my Dad fell ill. As a result, my focus shifted. And when my Dad fell ill, after his surgery, my time, more and more, became re-focused on caring for my Dad and my Mom – and less on me and my personal projects. Everything fell by the wayside. As the year progressed, so did Dad’s illness, through both general decline and subsequent, surmounting complications to his condition. My Dad died the day before Thanksgiving.

In the wake of his death, over the last few weeks, I find myself tying up loose ends. I’m finding and reviewing everything I dropped when Dad fell ill. And as what naturally happens this time of year, I’m reviewing everything tying up loose ends everywhere. In wrapping up of this year’s loose ends, I see now that this particular habit-forming project really had very little chance of surviving amidst the shifting background that was my life this past year. So I’m going to go ahead and forgive myself for my failure to complete this particular habit-forming project.

Now facing next year’s blank slate, I’m wondering “Should I take another whack at it?”

OK. Februrary Did Not Go So Well.

OK. February did not go so well. Between issues with my toe, my back and my schedule I cannot claim any real progress made toward my stated goal. However, my eating has, for the most part, stayed consistent- save for some cheat days here and there. So I’m happy about that and about remaining steadfast. Looking forward to making March work out better. The toe is feeling better. My back is feeling somewhat better, but not 100%. My chiropractor has given me some exercises to do specifically to strengthen my back. So I’m going to at least start from there. Giving some thought today about what I’m going to do for my March habit. Whether I re-intend my February one, or start fresh with something new. More later.

Okay, I’m Back!

It’s been a week or so since I’ve checked in. My toe is feeling a bit better and I’m gonna give the exercising habit a good shot now, starting today. So I’m back.

I can see over the last few weeks how things can unravel, once one thing goes awry. Even my eating plan has unravelled a bit. I’ve eaten a few more starches than I should. And I binged on peanut butter and crackers late last night before I went to bed. I told myself “I shouldn’t do this. It’s not part of the plan”. And myself told back, “I’m gonna do it anyway.” Seems there’s two people in here! I remember Eckhart Tolle talking about this concept of a ‘me’ and a ‘myself’  in his books The Power of Now and A New Earth. I think I’ll give him a listen today.

UPDATE at 5:00 p.m.: I did this Turbulence Training workout. I just did it once through, to get myself warmed up to working out again and used to moving again. These are interval training workouts which are more oriented to fat loss. Looking forward to amping it up through the week, maybe with a goal to make it through the interval at least 3 times completely in a workout by the end of the week. I like this workout concept because I do not have a lot of time to play with now. That seems where my P90X workout fell apart,because you need about an hour and a half to do it each day, and I just don’t have that kind of time to spare now.

Not Going So Well

Well Habit 2 (Exercise) has had a slow start. Yes, I DID stretching for the first 2 days. But didn’t do ANY last night. Then, in the middle of the night, I stubbed my toe on the bed post while returning from a bathroom run. OUCH! My toe still hurts this morning. Hope I didn’t fracture anything. May have to make some adjustments to my plan. Still developing… In the meantime here’s a picture of my nemesis.

Habit 1 (Eating) progress check in: 170.1 lbs today, with 39.7 lbs. of body fat or 23.4%. So I’m still hanging in there.

UPDATE: It’s official. I fractured the top part of my 3rd toe on my right foot. I may have to re-work my strategy here and perhaps switch to another habit this month and commit to the working out on a later month. Best laid plans…!