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Fantastic progress I getting settled

Making fantastic progress getting resettled in den. More to come this weekend. Seeing that this month is clearly more of an intervention month. Will look at the habit forming aspect of it once the playing field is better set.


“Being” Habits vs. “Doing” Habits

I’ve been playing around with my habits list contenders. Looking at natural groupings of habits that, if focused on concurrently, may help create better outcomes, magnify the results, and ultimately strengthen my efforts. Then realized that the description of the grouping itself is more a sense of being than of doing. So, i’m considering now focus on habits of being, whereby specific doings may fall out more naturally. Hmmmmm. Very interesting.

What Habits Shall I Form in 2013

I’m pretty much starting fresh this year, with a new list. I prepared are my initial thoughts at my list of some habits I’d like to form, based on my current consciousness, and current (and persistent) frustrations.

These are in no particular order. I’ll prioritize and select ones to activate later. I’m considering taking them on in groups of habits that are related and that support each other, and that if taken on at once may more fully formulate and strengthen the new behavior as a whole.


1. Eat more consciously. Eat whole foods, perhaps according to Dr. Aieta’s Plan that I had previous success with. (Daily)

2. Start, complete and continue on a daily work-out routine in order to improve my health, lower and mange my weight, blood sugar, ability to perform (Daily)

3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. (Daily)

4. Do 1 hour of yoga at least twice a week, in order to improve the health of my back, my posture, and reduce back pain.. (Weekly)

5. Take nutrition supplements everyday. (Daily)

6. Floss daily to maintain and improve my overall dental health. (Daily)

7. Chew my food at least 20-30 times before swallowing to improve health and digestion.

8. Cook on the weekend, making meals that I can have throughout the week.

9. Don’t eat after 8pm, unless it’s a protein rich snack before.


1. Pay attention more regularly to my finances. Increase savings and investments. Reduce expenses. (Daily & Weekly)

2. File and or handle my paperwork consistently and regularly.


1. Pause, take care when I respond to people. Consider counting to 3 (i.e. wait three seconds) before I respond to people.

2. Write thank you notes


1. Begin the day consciously, either in a practice of morning pages or quiet meditation, reflection.

2. End the day consciously, perhaps by writing down things I’m grateful for everyday, journaling my day, or other completion exercise.

3. Fill my creative spirit weekly, either by going on Artist’s Dates every week or similar experiences.

4. Get clear on my Life Goals and make appropriate and effective plans.

5. Create something everyday. Sketch in my sketchbook everyday. Paint on my Brushes app everyday. (Like David Hockney.)

6. Read everyday and finish a new book every month.

7. Handle things coming through me or my space to completion.

8. Complete or take action on a past incompletion everyday in order to become current.

9. Do game night, conversation night or other no media oriented activity every week.

10. Go to a movie in a theater 1-2 times a month.

11. Say no powerfully and without guilt.

12. Say yes powerfully


1. Tidy my space everyday before I go to bed.

2. File and or handle my paperwork consistently and regularly.

2013… Time for Post Apocalyptic, Aquarian Age New Year’s Resolutions

For years and years now, ever since I was a child, I’ve always felt that New Year’s was a bit of scary holiday. You know, fear of the unknown and all. Usually upon the changing of each year, thoughts, feelings, sensations of fear would rise up in various ways and in varying degrees. Often accompanied by a fond review or pang for the delicious comfort of some wonderful experience or sense I had had that year – I suppose dwelling in the known past was comforting – these irrational fears have tended to possess me, in a visceral way, somehow at each change of year. Except for this one.

This year, mainly because of my overwhelming sense that 2012 was a very difficult year (correction, make it the last 3 years), I am very much looking forward to 2013 – and what it may bring. The difficulties I refer to are both personal in nature (which I won’t go into now, but some I’ve referred to previously) and also, more notably, societal – or, more specifically, apocalyptical.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my share of apocalypse fatigue lately. After successfully navigating the Mayan apocalypse, the Fiscal Cliff, Hurricane Sandy, the Nor-Easter of 2012 and the ensuing 8 day blackout, Hurricane Irene, the Debt Ceiling of 2011, and the multitude of lesser apocalypses promoted (both justifiably and unjustifiably) by our hyperactive media culture, I’ve just about had it. And I’m looking forward to a really clean slate of calm, yet exciting, possibility unencumbered by external fears or limits. Is this just natural annual New Year’s resolution energy I’m feeling? Is it the the relief of having made it entirely and wholly in one piece through the latest and hopefully last apocalypse? Could it be the ushering and renewing energy of the post apocalyptic Age of Aquarius rising? Or is it that 2013 ends in 13, the traditional number of change. Who knows? But I do have a real visceral sense of and desire for new beginnings at this particular change of years, as never before.

And so, with this rising sense of wanting a brand new beginning, and having already learned in my life that no meaningful change can really happen without some sort of structure or framework for it to happen in, I remembered ThisBlogIsHabitForming. I started it three years ago in the change over from 2009 to 2010. It brought me great success and focus early on, while I was able to manage it. And some additional personal challenges, that I hadn’t planned on, crept into my life. My ability to manage, both the blog and as well as the changes I wanted, dwindled and eventually the blog went mute. Life happened.

Now with a 2 year clean slate of inactivity here (not counting a few false re-starts along the way) I’m ready to take a whack at it again, and see what happens. Don’t they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”?

Happy New Year. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned. More to come.

Anyone else share any of these feelings?