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Creating Physical Space – Part 2

I made amazing progress this weekend with, the den reorganization project, thanks to Roland Wise of Vestibule. We took Ikea shelves, added trim to them to make them “built-in”. They look great! This has been a project I’ve wanted to complete for 2 years now. Thanks to Roland it’s nearly complete. Just some wood putty, light sanding and another coat of finish paint to the trim – And it will be done – and, of course, the resettling and organizing too. Looking forward to getting my additional books out of storage and integrating them in to my collection – after the inevitable weed out. By the way, the addition of the Grundtal lights at the top really finish it off. Nice how they are controlled by the wall switch, so when I come in the room they provide the general light in the room.

We also, made progress with transforming one of my closets into an office alcove. We used Ikea Lack shelves to provide 3 sleek looking shelves for storage. Roland devised a way for them to be “strong like bull”, which the off the shelf Lack shelves do not seem to be in his experience. I still need to add a countertop on top of the file cabinet, now in the closet. And perhaps a cork board under the shelves. I’ll get an electrician to add a new electrical outlet at this wall, and I’ll be in business there with adequate out of view storage for my printer and scanner.

I’m realizing that this reorganizing effort is currently more in an intervention mode, rather than habit forming mode, which is necessary. Tonight I will do some resettling and look to create physical stations or places to capture the things that end up being lose ends, or forgotten. That’s where the habit forming will begin, and the opportunity to create a simple, easy and powerful system to finally be in better control of my financial matters.

In the meantime, tonight I start the resettle and create a bill paying zone, for unpaid bills to stay until they a dealt with – Ive tried this so many many times before I can’t even count. This time I’m looking to make it work and really follow through with a well thought out physical space combined with distinct space in time regularly, weekly, for me to deal with these matters. Up till now in my life, it has been catch as catch can for some reason. But I will conquer this this time, and move one.