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Creating Physical Space Part 1

As part of getting clear in my physical space, I’m having Roland Wise of Vestibule help me get my space in order. Specifically, my den and my bedroom. My bedroom is where begin and end the day and where I rest. My den is where I spend much of my time at home, after work, taking care of things like bill paying, paperwork etc as well as watching TV and movies – as a production space I have higher hopes for it. And I realize one of the biggest obstacles I have to getting clear and current in my financial space, is the act that my physical space for taking care of business is so disorganized. So I’m in the midst of a push to get clear and current here first (in the physical space), before I tackle the physical space.

Right now, both rooms are a mess, tousled about by being in the midst of the flux of this project. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we’ll see some order appearing.