I came to realize that life is an accumulation of habits. Realizing the extent of habits (good and bad) that I’ve accumulated over the years, I decided to use the natural energy and timing of my 2010 New Years resolution to start this blog to account for what change could happen in my life if I took on, as a project, the forming some new habits 2010. I decide to give it some structure. They say it takes 28 days to form a new habit. 28 days is roughly a month. There will be 12 months this year. Therefore, 12 months. 12 New Habits. Follow my progress. The public aspect of this blog offers me a way being accountable. I’d love to have your support along the way. So please share if you care.

Now it’s 2013. And I’m taking another whack at this. I don’t know all the 12 habits that I’ll be taking on. For now I’m just showing up here and letting it unfold. Daily, ideally. At least weekly. In some way. Either to record my progress. Or share an insight. Kvetch. Or say whatever else moves me. I’ll figure out the rest later.