“Being” Habits vs. “Doing” Habits

I’ve been playing around with my habits list contenders. Looking at natural groupings of habits that, if focused on concurrently, may help create better outcomes, magnify the results, and ultimately strengthen my efforts. Then realized that the description of the grouping itself is more a sense of being than of doing. So, i’m considering now focus on habits of being, whereby specific doings may fall out more naturally. Hmmmmm. Very interesting.


2 responses to ““Being” Habits vs. “Doing” Habits

  1. Considering this morning that habits being rooted more in a sense of being rather than doing may be more effective and powerful, I’ve decided this morning that the January habit will be something to do with being clear and current, relating to both my financial and personal space. More specifics on that later.

  2. February’s will deal with being healthy dietarily and physically.

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