Still Here!

Still here and at it. Been a crazy few weeks and haven’t been able to post very much. I’ve managed to exercise a few times this week. and feeling firmer. No noticeable change in states. Holding fast. More later…


7 responses to “Still Here!

  1. Glad to hear you’re still out there and on your goals. I’m still trying to choose wisely for eating and get some exercise in but with the long odd hours we work it seems near impossible some days. Yesterday for example got up and to work by 9 but on the road, so fast food for lunch, no breakfast, worked until 10:30pm so supper on the road again – fast food once again. Finally get home and sat for a few minutes, read and then to bed. No exercise once again. Sounds like your life is as crazy as ours. Hang in there.

  2. Yesterday morning I decided to change things up a bit and walk to work instead of drive. We live 4 miles from work so I set out with my winter jacket, walking shoes, gloves and my travel mug of coffee. I told my husband I was starting out and he could pick me up somewhere along the way when he was coming into work. I made it all the way to work in 55 minutes. It was a beautiful sunny morning but cold – 5 degrees. I ended up with a little more exercise than I bargained for but it was good. Hope things are going well with you. My weight is stubbornly staying the same so I keep plodding along at least I am not gaining. I hope I get off this plateau and start to see another trip down in weight soon.

  3. Keep up the good work – I just had two weeks off from my blog and I’m working like crazy to get back at it! Let’s all start fresh TODAY!

  4. How’s your progress going?? Haven’t heard lately what you are up to for March and April. March is crazy getting ready for taxes around here. I finally got everything ready and done for the accountant and he is done with our taxes. My husband and I have been working on incorporating whole grains into our diet. It has been working pretty good. He fixes some whole rye, wheat, and oats for breakfast with a little brown sugar and cinnamon in the microwave. Pretty good and it doesn’t seem to take much to fill us up. At lunch and supper we cook some of the rye, wheat, and oats with veggies and add some shrimp or chicken with it. Tonight he added some Zataran’s seasoning to it with the shrimp but got it way too spicy for me. Eyes watering, nose running, spicy….We have been making slow and steady progress but progress just the same.

  5. Hi Jeanne. Very late reply here. Sorry about that. But you can see ultimately why I gave essentially gave up on this blog if you read my recent return entry. Not sure yet if I will reinvigorate this blog yet. Stewing on it right now.

    Hope you are well. Again, sorry about not getting back to you right away.

  6. Hi 14 months. Are you planning a crazy 50th shindig for yourself?

  7. Flyingma… Hope you are well as well.

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